How fit and loyal are your customers?

White label technology for health and life insurance

Case: FitKroodle

How fit do you think you are?

FitKroodle, the free elaborate health test, tells you how fit you really are (and helps if your fitness is, ehm, slightly disapointing).

Smart tips and tools make sure you are the best version of yourself. You will feel better than ever! You can download this showcase app for free in the app stores, it shows a glimpse of Kroodle's capabilities.

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Connected Health Technology

How it works

The app calculates your personal FitScore. For our algorithm, we use existing risk models and add a layer of real time fitness data. We use information about your lifestyle and heart rate. The heart rate can be measured using the build-in functionality, just put your finger on the camera of your own phone. This measurement is accurate and tested thoroughly. The app can connect to your favourite fitness tracker/app like FitBit, Google Fit and Apple Health.

To keep users enageged, the app offers a loyalty system en engaging content through notifications. 

More about the app

Why FitKroodle

Did you know that 35% of the customers did not hear anything from their insurance company in the last 2 years? FitKroodle offers insurers the possibility to build up a customer relationship and motivate them for a healthier life style. Your customers will stay fit and loyal. 

Customized implementation

Kroodle can offer the app as a white label version, with your own branding and language. The data the app delivers can be viewed in the Kroodle Admin Panel. It shows you all customer data and export functionalities.