How fit and loyal are your customers?

White label technology for health and life insurance

Connected Health app for health, life and disability insurers

Lower claims, impoved absenteeism, loyal customers

FitKroodle is the missing link between fitness gadgets & apps and the financial world. FitKroodle gives customers insights in their health, offers them tools to improve their health and financial incentives to motivate them. FitKroodle offers insurers a product with a unique high interaction with customers and customers that are very health conscious. 


Dutch Health Insurer ONVZ and Kroodle launch mental health app HeadCTRL

November 2018

The HeadCTRL app provides ONVZ customers insight into their mental health. The Kroodle platform enables users to actively work on their health in the app. To boost motivation, users can earn credits that they can spend in the online shop.

Showcase app: FitKroodle

How fit do you think you are?

FitKroodle, the free elaborate health test, tells you how fit you really are. The algorithm is based on existing insurance models, extended with real-time health factors from your phone, Apple Health, Google Fit or your FitBit.


Why FitKroodle

FitKroodle offers insurers the possibility to build up a customer relationship and motivate them for a healthier life style. Your customers will stay fit and loyal. The app is using data from existing fitness apps and wearables. From now on, users do not work on their health for just themselves, but also for financial benefits.

Customized implementation

Kroodle can offer the app as a white label version, with your own branding and language. The data the app delivers can be viewed in the Kroodle Admin Panel. It shows you all customer data and export functionalities.