Be there in your customers' everyday life

Kroodle offers white label technology to insurers that rewards customers for positive lifestyle choices

Connected Health app for health, life and disability insurers

Lower claims, impoved absenteeism, loyal customers

FitKroodle is the missing link between fitness gadgets & apps and the financial world. FitKroodle gives customers insights in their health, offers them tools to improve their health and financial incentives to motivate them. FitKroodle offers insurers a product with a unique high interaction with customers and customers that are very health conscious. 

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Connected Car

Proven telematics technology for motor insurers

  • Proven lower claim rate: more than 30% decrease
  • High engagement: CarKroodle customers open the app up to 20 times a month
  • Better drivers: users typically improve their driving score with 10% in the first 6 months


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