Insurance low interest? We think not!

We help insurers with our proven white label technology for car, health, life and disability insurance

Connected Car

Proven telematics technology for motor insurers

  • Low claim rate: 45%
  • High engagement: CarKroodle customers open the app up to 20 times a month
  • Better drivers: users typically improve their driving score with 10% in the first 6 months

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Connected Health app for health, life and disability insureres

Lower claims, impoved absenteeism, loyal customers

FitKroodle is the missing link between fitness gadgets & apps and the financial world. FitKroodle gives customers insights in their health, offers them tools to improve their health and financial incentives to motivate them. FitKroodle offers insurers a product with a unique high interaction with customers and customers that are very health conscious. 

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Innovation as a service

Proven way of working, transparant costs, plug & play

We speed up innovation and lead the way for less experienced teams. Kroodle is an instant innovation resource for a fixed monthly fee.

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